Food retailing and local products

Many shops are selling food in different way (grocery, butcher, bakery...) and local products. 
Artisanale chocolate offers you a range of chocolate and empanadas. The laboratory is located in Bozel (no-accessible to visitors) and the shop at ...
The shop welcome you to discover product from local producer : Beaufort (local cheese) but also other local cheese, and local products (wine, ham, ...
Pastry chef, Florent offers you to make a big range of pastry for all kind of party (birthday, wedding, baptism...) Home delivery
You will find good Savoyard products (local).
Mini-market where you can find all that you need for food.
A master craftsman offers you plenty of choice of French pastry and bakery. Specialities : Walnut pie, blueberry pie...
Organic grocery local in a jumbled. Vegetable and fruit, local products, dairy, organic bread, gluten free food, hand made beer, biodynamic wine.
Boutons d'or : bar, restaurant, grocery at Montagny.
Come to buy local cheese from the Ritord.
Discover the flavors of Japan! Fumie Takayama offers Japanese traditional & family cuisine (local, organic & garden vegetables). Specialties: ...
Full outdoor breeding of Gascon and Mangalitza pigs. Direct sale, at the shop located next to the municipal sawmill, of fresh meat, preserves and ...
Manufacture of farm goat cheese. Direct sale at the farm all year round and on the market on Tuesday and Friday mornings in season.