Food retailing and local products

Many shops are selling food in different way (grocery, butcher, bakery...) and local products. 
The shop welcomes you to discover the delights of local producers. Discover the "treasure" of the mountain pastures: Beaufort cheese, with its unique...
Pastry chef, Florent offers you to make a big range of pastry for all kind of party (birthday, wedding, baptism...) Home delivery
Mini-market located in the front of the town hall. You can find everything that you need.
The Brasserie de l'Antidote, created in 2009, is an organic craft brewery located at the entrance of the Vanoise National Park, in Bozel, Savoie.
Mini-market where you can find all that you need for food.
You will find good Savoyard products (local).
A master craftsman offers you plenty of choice of French pastry and bakery.
Boutons d'or : bar, restaurant, grocery at Montagny.
Come to buy local cheese from the Ritord.
Free range, all natural breeding of Blacks and Mangalitza pigs. Fed exclusively on non-GMO grains, fruits, and vegetables. Cut and prepared by us.
Discover the products of the farm!