Food retailing and local products

Many shops are selling food in different way (grocery, butcher, bakery...) and local products. 
Mini-market where you can find all that you need for food.
A master craftsman offers you plenty of choice of French pastry and bakery. Specialities : Walnut pie, blueberry pie...
Organic grocery local in a jumbled. Vegetable and fruit, local products, dairy, organic bread, gluten free food, hand made beer, biodynamic wine.
Pastry chef, Florent offers you to make a big range of pastry for all kind of party (birthday, wedding, baptism...) Home delivery
Artisanale chocolate offers you a range of chocolate. The laboratory is located in Bozel (no-accessible to visitors) and the shop at Croisette's ...
You will find good Savoyard products (local).
Come to buy local cheese from the Ritord.
Farmhouse goat cheese: guided visits and cheese sold at the farm. La Chèvrerie in Chavière is present at the village outdoor market (summer and ...