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Come to discover various sports at Bozel's valley and around (Courchevel) : Segway, grass scooter, treasure hunt...
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In a wide ground, you children, from 5 years old, could shoot with a real gun on many targets.
Depending on the level, from 5 to 50 meters distance. On target, on ball, and on “Titi”. 25 target available.
It is possible to practice tennis in Bozel. Either you have to get a license (you can get it with the tennis club of Bozel) or you can book the tennis...
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Games parc for children (from 3 years old)
Come to have a good time in playground.
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Come with an instructor an hour in the forest to search the animals in "3D". It is a good way to put into practice what you learned before.
The Pumptrack is a series of turns, hollows and bumps that can be rolled up or jumped in multiple combinations. Reserved for mountain bikes, ...
    • Sport
Come to walk on the water in a big buble of 3 m in diameter.
With an instructor, go in the forest and look for 3D targets!
On our new land in the middle of the forest, face your friends in several scenarios: hill capture, flag capture, bodyguard, duels ... Full equipment ...
In open-air, behind hide-outs, move without being seen and shot by your opponents.
Take a deep breath and try to be the most skillful!
Get used to the “personal transporter” on our technical training site (handling ability test) with an instructor, before setting-off on an outing.