Useful Services

Find phone numbers of healthcare services and administrative services of Bozel's valley. 
Physiotherapist, osteopath.
A place of health and well-being open all year in Bozel. Dedicated to osteopathy and well-being. The cabinet currently consists of 2 graduated ...
The secondary school of le Bonrieu is welcoming nearly 300 children. Its parents association is also really active.
Church service every Sundays at 10.30 AM.
Sustainable development, environment, activities, child care centre.
Psycho-somathoterapist, relaxation therapist, somatopsy office.
An office is now open in Bozel. If you need any information a ranger is here for you.
Administrative department : Records office, town planning...
Come to have good time in the library of Bozel. The library has got 4000 books for adults and for children, and also a multimedia area with an ...
The primary school of Bozel is welcoming nearly 200 children. Its parents association is also really active.
Medical practice. You will find also nurse surgery, physiotherapist surgery and chiropodist.
Nurse surgery.