Water sports, Fishing

Discover water sports in Bozel with stand up paddle, kayak, rafting (in the Doron River) and fishing.
There are other water sports that you could try (canyoning, hydrospeed, rafting on the Isere River...).


Franceraft, whitewater rafting specialists, run trips on the mythical Isère River, one of the beautiful rivers in France.
Discover canyoning with a high mountain guide. You’ll ride down the river, land in pools, slide and slip over toboggans and abseil down cascades and...
The best river descent in the Alps : the Isère. 2h15 of a diverse descent on one of the most wonderful french routes, gorge passages, rapids and ...
Come to try kayak at Bozel's lake.
A 100 % natural water game! Come and have fun with your friends or family.
Franceraft run advanced rafting trips on the Doron de Bozel for people with previous rafting experience.
Short and sinuous, the Doron de Bozel is ideal for those who want to have a thrill. Our chalet is located 200 meters away from the « Super U » of ...
You know how to walk and how to swim? So you can do canyoning! Practice canyoning is a good way to discover mountain. Well equipped, you can go down...
Rafting on the Isère river. 6 to 7 people by raft. Rêve d'Eau proposes sportive descents for every level, coached by a guide on one of the most ...
In 2016, a new activity is coming in France and in Bozel : the Gladiasup ! A new activity with stand up paddle and units to go through. A new game ...
Hydrospeed or whitewater swimming is a sport that brings you in the heart of the water, the waves and its different streams.
The Isère is the most suitable river in Savoy for Hydrospeeding or Whitewater Swimming.
Consist in moving up on a big board with a paddle.
A descent specially dedicated to children and families to discover this activity in a fun and safe way.
Unsinkable kayak, inflable, able to make you cross the wild rapids of our beautiful Isère. You will learn how to drive your craft with your guide ...