What does star rating mean ?

A quoi correspond le classement en étoiles ?

Classification of accommodation with stars

Stars indicate the level of comfort and services in the accommodation. The classification is not an obligation, each owner can choose to do it or not. Only official services can be classified (deemed accredited by the COFRAC).

The accommodation is visited and valued according to 133 points (equipment, arrangement, services offered to the visitor accessibility and sustainable development.   

The classification is a proof of quality, but the organism is not responsible for the lapse from duty of the owner.

If you rent an accommodation classified you are aware of what you can reach in terms of comfort.

More stars you have, the more the equipment and the services will be good to have.

To make it easier :

  • 1 star : Economic scale

  • 2 stars : Middle scale

  • 3 stars : Up middle scale

  • 4 stars : High scale

  • 5 stars : Very high scale