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Fun, technical and sporting activity, canyoning, in between rock climbing and water sports guarantees a thrill in safety and security. The alpine ...
The Olympic Park includes many areas: swimming pool, ice rink, spa, fitness. It also hosts the Kenotheque for your children as well as a wall of ...
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Come to have a good time in playground.
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With an instructor, go in the forest and look for 3D targets!
Riverboarding is a boardsport in which the participant lies prone on their board with fins on their feet for propulsion and steering.The courses of ...
Come to walk on the water in a big buble of 3 m in diameter.
Ever wanted to kayak down the rapids solo? Well here's your chance. Experience the thrill seasoned canoeists get each time they negotiate the ...
Mountain biking introduction, enduro-like long tracks or even downhill mountain bikes. • Wide range of bikes to rent (Electric, mountain, downhill ...
Franceraft run advanced rafting trips on the Doron de Bozel for people with previous rafting experience.
The Pumptrack is a series of turns, hollows and bumps that can be rolled up or jumped in multiple combinations. Reserved for mountain bikes, ...
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Short and sinuous, the Doron de Bozel is ideal for those who want to have a thrill. Our chalet is located 200 meters away from the « Super U » of ...
Come with an instructor an hour in the forest to search the animals in "3D". It is a good way to put into practice what you learned before.
A descent specially dedicated to children and families to discover this activity in a fun and safe way.
It is possible to practice tennis in Bozel. Either you have to get a license (you can get it with the tennis club of Bozel) or you can book the tennis...
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Come to try kayak at Bozel's lake.
Consist in moving up on a big board with a paddle.
For your flight we recommend you to wear warm clothes with good shoes. You will climb with your instructor to admire the beautiful landscape behind ...
Doing hikes with advice on nature pictures.
Come and discover two mountain experiences: hiking and rafting, over a weekend or over two days that will take you hiking up to a summit with 360° ...
The heated swimming pool, equipped with a removable roof enables to everyone to have fun, to get to know swimming or simply to have a nice day.
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